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What is Worldview-Agility?

Worldview-Agility is a competence.

It's an advanced leadership competence, although in essence it's a personal competence everyone would benefit from.

It's a very powerful, but today still relatively rare competence.

Developing Worldview-Agility

As any competence, Worldview-Agility can be developed and mastered.

Anyhow, as it is still a sort of niche competence, most leaders don't yet know, that Worldview-Agility exists. They are - according to learning theory - "unconsciously incompetent", as they don't know what they don't know.

Therefore the very first step in developing Worldview-Agility is to turn "Unconscious Incompetence" into "Conscious Incompetence".

Congratulations! You've just completed that first step right now, because you're reading these lines. You now know, that Worldview-Agility exists.

The next step on your advanced personal & leadership development journey would be to turn the "Conscious Incompetence" into a "Conscious Competence".

That's exactly the reason for this website.

Executive Summary: Worldview-Agility

We have created a short Executive Summary / Decision Paper to give you a first overview and to quickly assess, if Worldview-Agility is of relevance for you or your business.

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Wise people say: Wisdom has 3 Enemies:
Ignorance | Superficial Knowledge | Forgetfulness 

Follow your intuition!!!