What do I get?

The CxO-Evolution.Academy is the one-stop shop for top executives who seek to develop and truly master Worldview-Agility in the most effective, confidential and custom-tailored way. It is your intense, bespoke 3-year personal training in Executive Enlightenment.

This flagship program guides you to all levels of mastery:

  • Intellectual Worldview-Agility
  • Experiential Worldview-Agility
  • Embodied Worldview-Agility

The core leadership impact can be summarized in 3 areas:

  • Building better Leadership Competence (particularly personal & interpersonal skills)
  • Building better Resilience
  • Building better Ethics

The individually tailored curriculum combines

  • modern scientific & old wisdom teachings
  • professional coaching & mentoring
  • practical exercises & leadership applications
  • and therapeutical interventions (if needed)

You learn to convince your inner intellectual and emotional doorkeepers to grant you access to your full potential, both as a leader and as a true human being.

How can I enroll?

The CxO-Evolution.Academy programs are strictly limited to only a few new members every year in order to maintain the top-level quality. You need to be invited to get access.

Where can I start?

If you're truly interested in embarking on this transformational personal & leadership development journey, have a look at the information provided in the dedicated Worldview-Agility section of this website. There you can also request an Executive Summary / Decision paper to help you further assess the potential relevance of Worldview-Agility for you and your business.

Introduction Page

To access our Worldview-Agility intro page and to request a short Executive Summary, click the button below.

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Wise people say: Wisdom has 3 Enemies:
Ignorance | Superficial Knowledge | Forgetfulness 

Follow your intuition!!!