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When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

(Sherlock Holmes)

More about Carsten

My motivation...

I'm a mechanical engineer and hence a very analytical & inquisitive person: I simply want to understand how things really work.

This led me to a surprising conclusion that changed my life: My perspective of self and the world has shifted completely.

After more than 15 years of diligent research I'm now convinced this different Worldview could be extremely valuable for everyone in the attempt to create a better life, a better business and a better world.

Therefore I started to share my insights with people who are open and interested to explore a new perspective of reality.

My approach...

I'm a seasoned Business Executive and hence I know how much power companies can have to influence people. 

If organizations start to gradually shift their Worldview this will eventually lead to a respective shift in our society.

Business leaders are the multipliers and facilitators driving such transformation within organizations. In addition these leaders get all the benefits themselves.

My contribution...

I'm a Holistic Executive Coach & Mentor working with individual leaders and leadership teams.

In addition I educate and strategically consult my clients in Worldview-Agility through Key Notes, Seminars and Workshops.


Better Life | Better Business | Better World



To bust myth & reveal the Holistic Perspective
in a rational, scientifically plausible way.


(Professional languages: German & English)

Holistic Background...

Natural Sciences

Mechanical Engineering

Sales & Account Management

Management Consulting

Project & Programme Management

Global Senior Executive Management

  Leadership Coaching & Mentoring


Psychology & Psychotherapy

Philosophy & Wisdom Traditions

Contemporary Shamanism


Selection of Clients & Feedback

Selection of Clients & Feedback

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